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Kitty Mayo

"I have a plan and it's to die doing music."

I was born in Chicago Illinois raised in Wheaton Illinois, Chicago and Los Angeles California. Depending upon my mom & dad’s relationship. My childhood influences musically was from my family and my environment. My grandfather played seven instruments, my great uncles (my grandfather brother) played in symphony orchestras. My uncle founded the Rizzo School of Music located in downtown Chicago on Jackson Blvd. My mother played 4 instruments and sang, sang, sang. Sundays were always a pleasure being with the family… great food. Great music. I was around great classical music. Great Classical Musicians. Fabulous swing music and we all danced to it… I think I was singing and dancing when I came out of the womb. I learned soul, gospel, scatting how to jitterbug and sand tap all before my 5th birthday by which time blues, jazz and swing were as big a part of my life as were the classics and the church.

My mom and dad had a roadhouse restaurant in Cloverdale Illinois on Old Army Trail Road called Angie’s Place where as a baby I sang and people thru change on the floor in front of me. I started singing professionally at the age of 10. I developed physically around 8-9 years old and learned how to fool the club owners into believing I was a young looking 18 year old. I had to sing to pay my way thru school… catholic school. I studied voice with the nuns. I studied Jazz at the Family Music School and performed 5-6 nights a week at the Amber Light in Cicero Illinois from 1am to 6am. The off I went to school by 7. Yep Wed. Thru. Sat. I studied also under David Collyer Sorin, All Stouffer Frank Capelli Jimmy Amadie and Tommy Lawton. I loved rock n’ roll, the blues, jazz and R&B. I have been more than blessed to share the stage with such greats as Margaret Whitting, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Grover Washington, Jimmy Rogers, Carrie Bell, Stevie Raye Vaughn, Little Charlie & the Nightcaps, Koko Taylor, Johnny Copeland, Elvin Bishop, TAJ Mahal, Dizzy Gallespie, Saffire, Rev. Billy Wirtz, Lonnie Brooks, Queen Bee & the Survival Band, Mickey Jr, Bluesman Willie & Star, Sonny Rhodes, The Legendary Blues Band, Duke Robbilard, Steve Guygher & The Excellos, Frankie Lee, Willie Lockett, Flamin Harry, The Dukes Of Destiny, Jim Obie Band, Tommy Comwell, The Voodudes, Tom Larsen, The Spare Tire Blues Band, Sister Blue, The Mighty Flyers, The Allstars, Lora Watkins, Tino Gonzales & The Sante Fe Blues, The Horizontals, Pine Top Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite, David Bromberg. Then to have played with Bobby Lenti, Chuck Parkinson, Hooter Sassloff, Richie Orr, Steve Bernstein, Kenny Robinson, Chuck Hearn, Ani Azzoto, Courtney Colletti, Tony Juliano, Tony Basile, George Sinkler, Vince Faye, Frank Dibussolo, Nax Steel, Gerald Veasley, Kenneth Veaseley, All Price, Jackie Brown, Kenny Jones, Frank McKitty, Adolphus “Fletch” Fletcher, Leroy “Shubaby” Schuler, Myles Mayo, Joel Schecter, Mark Berkewitz, Jimmy Supra, Steve Nicely, RB, Andy, Bo, George, Bernie Pruett, Billy Pierce, Emile Di’amico, Denny Diblassio and guess what? Life ain’t over yet.

I love the blues, it lifts me up. When I have the blues & I have the blues each and every day, I can talk about it or I can sing and release the pressure. Makes me feel like a brand new gal. I wish every living soul had an outlet like I have. You know blues & gospel have so much in common. Take the lyrics outta a gospel song you got a blues instrumental. The blues is a religion.

Every day that I wake up, I have the blues for some reason or another. Be it happy, spiritual or sad. This is reality and blues is real. It’s life. With its ups & downs & successes. I love it. I am so proud to be a musician, singer songwriter, arranger, performer, and vocal coach. I am in a great community.

What do I do when I’m not doing all that. I love cooking & baking. I love being with my friends I love to draw and paint. I love gardening. Love growing my own food. I love working with older folks. I love my animals. When I get more dollars I wanna couple of cows, chickens and a family of horses. 


Let It Rain - Eric Clapton Tribute Band

Let it Rain is a collection of musicians from the Delaware Tri-state area performing live in the spirit of Eric Clapton. From Cream , Delaney and Bonnie to his critically acclaimed album "From the Cradle", "Let it Rain - A tribute to Eric Clapton" delivers every time!.

The voice and guitar of Eric Clapton, Wayne Dean from "Wayne Dean and the Bailouts" has been performing and playing the blues for more than 30 years. On a lucky day you can catch Wayne at the renowned blues venue "The Cat's Eye Pub" in Baltimore. He is a highly respected regional blues musician and his vocals and guitar playing make him the perfect man for the job.

Wayne is flanked by his two angels Ellen Salcedo and Stacy Lundin whose outstanding vocals fill the room with sweet harmonies. Ellen has roots in musical theater and Stacy is a songwriter, having written and recorded numerous original songs with her sister for their band I'm Not Sally. Ellen and Stacy's special blend comes from having sung together for almost twenty years, from the early days of their acoustic act The Mental Notes, to their more recent venture in which Ellen played rhythm guitar and Stacy was the drummer for the rock band Bigheart.

On bass is the one and only OB. A leading area musician from "The Box" has also performed, recorded and been on tour with numerous east coast acts and has shared the stage with various headliners over the years including: Johnny Winter, Jimmy Vaughn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, James Cotton, Elvin Bishop, B.B. King, Albert Collins, Edgar Winter, Pat Travers, Tabby Thomas, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and The Holmes Brothers…just to name a few!

The first chapter of "The Bloke" Ian Greaves' life was in London England, a witness to "Clapton is God" graffiti plastered all over the city. Ian jammed with Cream's "Jack Bruce" as well as Pete Townsend and Bruce Dickinson. He also toured with King Crimson, recorded at Abbey Road Studios several times with Beatles engineer Tony Clark. Lucky for us he then decided to jump the pond to the U.S.

Ian is a class A percussionist and vocalist who has worked with some of the most successful regional bands such as "Rocket 88", Roger Girke, Bad Juju , Gretchen Emery and Blue Cat Blues to name a few. He also represented Delaware three times in the IBC (International Blues Competition) in Memphis TN.

Ian's perspective on Eric Clapton is simple ... He's bloody brilliant!

Gerard de Vries, also an established blues player from the Tri-State area shares the responsibility with Wayne Dean in helping bring the Clapton sound alive. Gerard has as well shared the stage with numerous national acts. He is also heavily involved in the 4w5 Blues Jam ,the longest running Blues Jam in Delaware created by David Bromberg (Room full of Blues). He helped get Central Delaware Blues Society, one of the most successful blues societies in the nation, off the ground. Gerard is also the co-founder of the Roadhouse Bluesfest Summer Festival in Magnolia Delaware, a mix of local and national acts ,which is becoming more popular every year. Having been a member of "The Box" for the past seven years with O.B., the rhythm section of "Let it Rain" along with Ian Greaves cannot be denied.

The best part of "Let it Rain" is that the members play music because they love to. Their comfortability with each other is evident and reflected in their music. Their personal touches to Eric Clapton's Classics is refreshing, and fun.

We hope you come see "Let it Rain" and join in the Eric Clapton experience. 


L'il Ronnie and the Grand Dukes

Lil’ Ronnie & the Grand Dukes are, to quote one reviewer, "...the real deal! ... superb talents well versed in traditional blues". While Ronnie & the band are well schooled in all styles of blues they also use elements of 50's r&b, soul, vintage rock & roll & jazz in their unique blend of American roots music. They are led by harpist, singer/songwriter and Hohner Harmonica endorsee Ronnie Owens. Ronnie has been performing since 1963 and has been fronting his own bands for over 30 years. He has played with and opened shows for some of the biggest names in the blues world, John lee Hooker, James Cotton, Taj Mahal, Gatemouth Brown, Carey Bell, Anson Funderburgh / Sam Mayers, Big Bill Morganfield, Mark Hummel's renowned 'Blues Harmonica Blow Out' and many, many others.

Ronnie and his band 'the Grand Dukes' are a critically acclaimed touring band and play anywhere from funky little blues bars, where the music was invented to major blues festivals, including a swinging, jumpin' night as headline artist at New York's prestigious Lincoln Center. They have earned the reputation as an exciting must see band. The band has released 4 top shelf rockin' CDs. The most recent, 'Gotta Starnge Feeling' debut at # 6 on Roots Music Radio Report and reached # 14 on the Living Blues Radio top 25 Charts. You can also hear it on Sirus / XM radio's 'Bluesville'. 


Lin Doughten

 Lin Doughten comes from a family of musicians that span five generations. The jazz, blues, soul and rock that he grew up on strongly influence his fluid guitar style. His “less is more” approach is out of respect for the blues guitar masters he admires.  Lin has been a staple on the Delaware/Maryland club circuit for over twenty-five years as a member of bands such as Freedom, Alibi, Backstage Pass, Nozmo King, Fatback Blues and the Shakers. He has backed up and opened shows for international blues and soul recording artists Johnny Rawls and Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby 


lower case blues

Lower Case Blues is a power trio originating from Newark, Delaware. The band features Jake Banaszak (lead guitar), B.J. Muntz (bass and vocals), and Paul Weik (drums). Since the Band started in '03, They have established themselves as some of the best in the area.. Taking blues to a whole new level and earning respect as being some of the best up and coming musicians.

Lower Case Blues has many influences ranging from blues greats like Buddy Guy, Tinsley Ellis, SRV, Albert Collins, Big Joe Turner, and Muddy Waters to others such as Bootsy Collins, The Allman Bros., Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and Victor Wooten. LCB focuses on playing original music with a reasonable amount of covers thrown into the mix to pay tribute to there inspirations. The band always plays with feeling and improvisation… you’ll never hear a song played the same way twice. 


Mike Zito

What the Critics say……

…his fiery Strat playing elevates each and every song, as do the swallow-your-emotions vocals. –Vintage Guitar

…one of the finest, most creative musicians on the competitive blues-roots scene. –Blues Revue Magazine

His music flows into the veins and moves the body in ways that can only be described as free and wild… –Jazz Times.

Mike Zito couldn’t help but be great. It was either that, probably, or end up on a wanted poster in the post office. There is something deep down in Zito’s soul that will not stop screaming, pushing him to take life to the limit and worry about the tab later. Before he found music and really let it become the guiding force in his world, the young man ran in all the wrong directions. Sometimes people were chasing him, but just as often Mike Zito was running from himself. Finally there was nowhere to run. It was time to literally face the music. And what Zito found was that he had a sound buried inside, something that was trying to get out and share itself with the world.

That’s where the Greyhound bus enters the picture — in a big way, because the singing guitarist grabbed one out of town with a ticket to anywhere else. When he got there, Zito started playing like his life depended on it, because it actually did. He put his shoulders and heart into it with everything he had, and worked his way up the mountain to where he stands today.

Greyhound, produced by Grammy-award winning guitarist/singer/songwriter Anders Osborne, is the continuation of the songwriting process established by Zito on his two previous critically acclaimed recordings on Eclecto Groove Records. His music retains its bluesy Americana charm and big wide-open Texas sound as he explores more personal and introspective themes inspired by that fateful bus trip that helped determine his path in life.

There have been hundreds of shows, a few albums, and the same desire to make a claim on eternity. That’s where the music lives, and that’s where Mike Zito is destined to go. Thank God for that Greyhound. Mike Zito got there.

2009 Blues Music award winner Mike Zito is one of those rare artist that can sing like nobody’s business, can write songs that instantly grip you, play one hell of a mean Gulf Coast style guitar and has the stage presence to draw in any audience. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO he grew up listening to Van Halen and Led Zepplin and it wasn’t until later he became interested in the great blues men who were from in and around St. Louis. On his 2011 Blue Music Award nominated CD (Best Blue Rock) Delta Groove release “Greyhound” he tells the rest of the story of how things could have been much different. He lived a rugged life much like many great musician endings while his beginning had not yet begun. Homeless, addiction, living the life of a criminal Zito had reached his rock bottom before cleaning up and ending up in Texas to live a sober life still today. It would be fair to say that is the time he draws from that creates all the emotion in his guitar style and singing. In 2009 Zito and Neville won the Blues Music award for “Song of the Year” for “Pearl River” the title track to Zito’s 2009 release. Zito comes armed with raw tone and pure grit that he can turn on a dime into silky smooth guitar melodies but it is the aged depth to his vocal that make Mike Zito stand out amongst the other cats claiming to have “the stuff”. Some lucky bastards are just born with it!!


Moreland and Arbuckle

Moreland & Arbuckle crafted three self-produced album in rapid-fire succession – Caney Valley Blues in 2005, Floyd’s Market in 2006 and 1861 in 2008. “There have been times in the past when I’ve gone on a rant that we’re not writing enough,” says Moreland. “But then I look at our catalog and say, ‘Well, that’s stupid. We’ve put out all this stuff in a short period of time.’ When I look at it that way, I’d say we’re fairly prolific.

”The band took that hefty catalog to Iraq for nearly two weeks in the fall of 2008 to play for the American troops stationed there. “It was a crazy awesome experience,” says Moreland. “Super-grueling. Twelve days of about four hours of sleep per day. From a physical standpoint, it was pretty tough. But to go into a tattered, war-torn area where tens of thousands of fellow Americans were putting their lives on the line every day, minute by minute, was a very rewarding experience. I’d never experienced anything like it before.

”Moreland & Arbuckle made their debut on Telarc International, a division of Concord Music Group, with the February 2010 release of Flood. The critically-acclaimed album was a giant step in the group’s never-ending quest to unearth the rawest and most honest elements of the American music tradition – without getting caught up in definitions and categories that would only serve to limit the vision.

After the release of Flood, Moreland & Arbuckle hit the road for tour dates with ZZ Top, George Thorogood, Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Los Lonely Boys and other blues and rock veterans.

Moreland & Arbuckle built on that solid foundation with the August 2011 release of Just A Dream. Featuring a guest appearance by legendary soul guitarist Steve Cropper, the 12-song set is a showcase for Moreland’s dynamic and compelling guitar work and Arbuckle’s emotionally charged vocals and edgy harp.

On July 30, 2013, Moreland & Arbuckle, along with new drummer Kendall Newby, are set to release 7 Cities, their most ambitious work ever. Teamed for the first time with Seattle-based producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, the Sword) and recorded in Stone Gossard’s studio, the album tells the story of Spanish explorer Coronado and his fabled search for the seven cities of gold in the Kansas plains, not far from where the band lives. The sounds of 7 Cities include vintage rock (“Kow Tow”) and twang (“The Devil and Me”), along with a few barnburners (“Tall Boogie,” “Road Blind”) and a surprising version of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” all of it rooted in the spirit of the Delta blues.

“It’s hard to say exactly what we are and what we do,” says Arbuckle. “Blues is definitely at the core, but we’re huge fans of all sorts of American music, and all of that comes through as well. Obviously, there are elements of traditional country in what we do, elements of vintage rock and roll, soul and all that sort of stuff. We always try to stay grounded in that traditional blues center, and at the same time branch out and do as many different things as we can while still keeping it consistent with the sound we’ve developed.” 



The Nighthawks are: Mark Wenner - vocals, harmonica; Johnny Castle - vocals, bass; Paul Bell -guitar; and Mark Stutso - drums, vocals. The new CD was recorded at the Severn Studios in Annapolis and produced by The Nighthawks and David Earl.

“This is a totally cool moment to be into my 41st year as a Nighthawk, the last of the originals, as we release our first album with the band as it is today, the band I have been working toward since early 1972,” says Mark Wenner. “Paul Bell and Johnny Castle are deep into a decade with the band. Mark Stutso, after two years of hard road and 500 shows, at last appears on his first album as a Nighthawk. Singing lead on five tunes and involved in the creation of four, he and Johnny are a magnificent groove machine. And the harmonies! I dreamed of them, too, when I began dreaming of a band like this.

”Going into their fifth decade, The Nighthawks are blessed to have three strong lead singers, and they take advantage of the unique qualities of the trio of Wenner, Stutso and Castle. The wide array of originals and covers demonstrates The Nighthawks’ great strength as a true American roots music band. They roar through a repertoire of everything from blues and soul to rock and rhythm and blues on Damn Good Time. Bassist Johnny Castle contributes the romping “Bring Your Sister,” and also sings on a version of Jimmy McCracklin’s “Georgia Slop.” The band also taps into the songbooks of good friends and kindred spirits Billy Price and Norman Nardini, and serves up spirited takes on classics from Elvis (“Too Much”), Nat King Cole (“Send for Me”) and Wilbert Harrison (“Let’s Work Together’), as well as a raucous “Smack Dab in the Middle.” 

In addition to their stellar catalogue of acclaimed albums released since 1974, The Nighthawks have long enjoyed wonderful touring and recording relationships with some of the best and brightest names in roots and blues music. On their 1978 release, Jacks and Kings, they backed up such blues all-stars as Pinetop Perkins, Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson, Calvin Jones and Bob Margolin, and backed up John Hammond on his Hot Tracks album. The Nighthawks have toured with John Hammond, as well as John Lee Hooker, Hubert Sumlin, Elvin Bishop, Tracy Nelson and Eddie Hinton, and have played with such national treasures as Muddy Waters and Carl Perkins. Over the years, several other star artists have become de facto members of the band at various times, including Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes and Bob Margolin.

The Nighthawks continue to be one of the hardest-working bands on the road and have an extensive national and European tour set up to promote Damn Good Time, including showcase club dates and festival shows. The band is booked by Blue Mountain Artists 


Nothin But Trouble

see also Joey Fulkerson

CD NUMBER 3 IS IN THE WORKS!! The Return Of The Son Of The Album's Revenge has begun and the guys have laid down the basic tracks on 7 songs so far with many more to follow. All new material penned by each of the members, giving the followers the guitar-driven, full-harmony sound that is the trademark of an NBT live show. Be prepared to dance, or at least receive a ticket if you're listening to it in the car. *(Note: Nothin' But Trouble takes no responsibility for, nor encourages the injudicious use of the gas pedal of any of our fans, but hey, it's gonna do what it's gonna do.) 


Nouveaux Honkies

From way down South, here come The Nouveaux Honkies. This violin, guitar, bass and drum quartet are Roots and Roll that Rocks. “If Johnny Cash and Freddy King had a baby it would be the Nouveaux Honkies,” said the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel. Their 2007 self titled cd won best roots band in Palm Beach County. Their 2008 cd “Where Do I Go” hit #3 on the National Roots Country (Americana) Ch...art, “Roots Music Report” and 48 weeks later was still on the charts when their 2009 cd “Live at Sun” was in the top 30 on the National Roots Blues Chart. Blues Revue Magazine linked their sound to the Stones, with hints of Dire Straights, Curtis Mayfield, Hendrix and Howlin’ Wolf. Singer/guitarist, Patrick Timothy O’Donnell’s vocal style was said to be “an amalgam of Van Morrison and Willy De Ville.” Add in violinist, Rebecca Dawkins with her crafty lead lines and poppy rhythms and their
unique blend of blues, swing and countryis described as a reinvention of the musical wheel. The group has been touring since July of 08’. Thier live show is an elegant display of frenzied mayhem. Their summer tour of 09’ put the band through the northeast with Elmore magazine naming them their favorite newcomer at The Rhythm and Roots Festival in Rhode Island. 2010 started with work on their upcoming LP entitled “Your Town”.